A handsome Retro "Time Only" Digital One From The Shop / Ebay Auction.

LCD Digital Vintgae 70s BETA Watch Handsome Retro Throwback Unusual & Uncommon

Just Something we really like "From the Shop"

Can be seen HERE

Beta LCD

Hour, Minutes, Seconds & Date Function With Orange Sidelight

A Nice if peculiar little throwback to a time when digital watches were simply digital impersonations of analogue mechanicals. Certainly this watch With its simple Time and date only Format. DOES nothing much more than the standard analogue of its era.

The Case

Its also operated much like a Standard Analogue with the crown setting system mounted in the normal crown position albeit as this IS a digital watch we are presented with a button rather than a crown.

The pushers too found in the classic positions.

Its Size profile too could not possibly be more "Standard" if it tried at 36mm in diameter and 18mm lug spacing 41mm lug tip to lug tip. Case decoration is however a less that standard finish with its near perfect condition throughout Handsome beyond belief sandblasted finish but not typical of vintage LCD's

The Dial

And we are happy to call it that rather than "the display" as surely this perfectly round albeit needlessly large glass fronted LCD display is here for the purpose of mimic a normal dial and its subsequent positioning and overall look. It is here PURELY to be simulating a standard Analogue watches crystal & dial Appearance of the "normal" watch.

So, Perhaps what is special about this watch is that it's NOT an analogue watch. We have seen this phenomenon before albeit in Reverse Mechanical watches with so many features that for all intensive purposes ARE digital. and the way the market is going soon all we will have is hugely complicated mechanical movements with 100 different functions. An "arms race" so to speak between digital and subsequently mechanical watches "keeping up"

Perhaps indeed this is what makes this watch SO beautiful Classic and instantly appealing. A step back maybe to a simpler point in time where this watch was special because and ONLY because it's digital no (tachymeters stop watches altimeters touch screens calorie counting Smart phones) no frills attached It's JUST a digital watch....

...oh and it has a light.

The Movement

Push button IN at crown position to set

top pusher Light

Bottom Pusher Alternate / Cycle between Hours Date & seconds

The Strap

Original Classic LCD Stainless Steel Deployment clasp

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