Lip Nautic - Ski "From the Shop" & Some good notes on divers watches

Vintage 1960's era JUMBO 42mm "TOOL WATCH"

Finally a watch that tick two of my personal favorite Horological Raritys.

A Super Compressor Divers Case Classic Vintage 60s tool watch "Divers cool" & of course (as those who know us know..) electromechanically controlled balance motor!


Lip R184 (Datolip 148)

There's a LOT to rave about in this watch so without further ado..

For Start

You probably think calling a dive watch the "Nautic-Ski" is quite odd. The name stems from the passion that the CEO of the French company Lip had for skiing. This watch was launched in 1967 for the 100th anniversary of the company, and was a marvel of engineering at the time, with an electro-mechanical movement and 200 m water resistance. The latter was actually achieved through an exclusive case offered by Piquerez, which held the patent for the super compressor principle (the use of water pressure on the gasket to seal the case). The Nautic Ski was offered in several colors after the suggestion of a French fashion designer, with dials in grey, orange, violet, blue & green.

The Case

Piquerez Super Compressor Case 42mm wide Excluding partially integrated and all original Hatch marked crowns. 22mm Lug Spacing. a good size as you will be spoilt for choice Strap Swapping. to get your "Perfect" look.

So... What is a supercompressor?

“Super-Compressor” refers to a patented case sealing method developed by watch case manufacturer Ervin Piquerez S.A. (EPSA). The design takes advantage of the water pressure the case is exposed to at depth to press the case back against the o-ring seal . More depth equals more water pressure equals greater seal.

Dual crown 42mm case Both crowns are ORIGINAL to the watch an important factor when considering collectability especially to the "Hardcore" collectors the bottom crown at 4 operates as a normal "time set" crown where as the crown at 2 rotates by directionally the inner depth gauge bezel.

The Dial & Bezel

A feature We Love on EPSA Super Compressor watches is the addition of the inner rotating divers bezels Protected from the elements as being placed inside the watch allows these to remain in astonishing condition much of course like the dial. But its not "All looks" a divers bezel is an Important tool to a diver.


Perhaps the simplest type of bezel tracks elapsed time. It's most commonly associated with dive watches since this is where it found its origins—the Rolex Submariner and Blancpain Fifty Fathoms of the early '50s introduced them. In the days before digital dive computers, a diver would track their time underwater by setting the zero marker (typically a luminous arrow) to line up with the minute hand. As the dive progressed, the elapsed time could be read easily on the outer ring, up to one hour. The Crown to operate this bezel is almost fully integrated to the case and turns with a good and correct level of stiffness This is so that if the bezel is accidentally bumped, it will only shorten the dive, so the diver won’t think he can stay longer than he should and risk decompression sickness.

Of Course You dont have to be a diver... the watch in any case doubles up as a Countdown timer leave it to the 30 minutemark for a short jog and you wont be put off your stride a quick glance tells you your minute hand is yet to hit your Arrow head marker. so.. keep running!

Back to our Dial

Far from the Drab "all blacks" of the fifty fathoms but no less visible, trust the french to design us something altogether more beautiful; yet no less functional.. You see divers watches need to be visible at the depthsof a mirky ocean to be considered viable divers tools, usually achieved by the stark contrast of whites on black with a liberal applications of luminous compound. The LIP does this with a splash of almost neon color especially highlighted in the final 20 minutes of the countdown bezel. BUT out of the depths of the sea and on closer inspection there's something else something far more subtle indeed...

Outer far perimeter of the dial is a deep graphite almost blue-slate gray then (in a ring) jet matt black a chapter ring broken by the minute scale at a 1/1 scale. In again to the penultimate ring of the dial this time in metallic gun metal grey and finally to the centre, inner most circle of the dial in matte black. Like the ocean itself is not all the shame shade of murky grey neither, on close inspection, is the dial of the LIP Super compressor seemingly drawing inspiration and desighn from this subtle "tone on tone(on tone)" coloration of the depths.


Original SWISS MADE Tropic watch strap with steel Tang buckle and interestingly an extra wide STEEL keeper

The Movement

Lip R184 (Datolip 148)


electromechanically controlled balance motor

sweep second


hack feature

11 jewels

f = 18000 A/h


11.5''', Dm= 25.6mm

Balance staff - (N/A) only complete balance

Stem W3020

battery 301

Hands 1.30 x 0.85mm

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