When your wristwatch is sent to us, it will receive the same specialist attention to detail as you would expect if it were sent to the manufacturers directly.


The service will see your watch professionally cleaned and inspected. If necessary parts will be made, or sourced World-wide. Once assembled, the watch will be lubricated according to strict guidelines as specified by the manufacturer’s technical communication. This is then followed by precision timing on our time-grapher and a thorough testing procedure at our test bench. 


For our clients Divers range of wristwatches, a pressure test will be performed.

Your strap or bracelet, case and watch glass (acrylic, perspex, crystal, hesalite, sapphire or other mineral / polymer) will also undergo thorough cleaning, using professional products as recommended by the manufacturer.

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Vintage Timepieces and Restoration Projects

We offer a specialist service for the unique requirements specific to maintaining and restoring vintage timepieces. This may include sourcing or making obsolete watch parts, reconditioning the dial or refurbishing the case and bezel.


All our repairs are guaranteed for 6 Months unless stated otherwise. For restoration work, a more detailed guarantee may be necessary.

Imitation Wristwatches

Unfortunately, we can not offer servicing or repairs for imitation timepieces, for example Rolex, Omega, TAG Heuer and Patek Philippe replicas.

About our Watchmaker

The FullyWound watchmakers, with a combined experience of over 60 years in precision engineering and horology from retired army engineers and watchmakers to enthusiastic young restorers, We all share a common goal and passion in collecting and restoring historically important wristwatches and timepieces.