Want to sell your watch?


Regardless of brand or value weather you have a Casio to a Longines, Rolex or Patek Philippe, we at Fullywound will have a option for you.

With years of online experience we now have a vast amount of followers and a large online presence, ebay, pintrest, twitter.


Either simply send your watch directly to us or by initially sending us detailed email with pictures of the front, back, sides and close ups of the dial also any damage on the watch. So we can give you a more accurate valuation. If your happy with our valuation and you send the watch to us then all final valuations would be subject to a visual inspection.








We send you an offer within 48 hours.

You sell directly to Fullywound.

Payment within 48 hours after authenticity verification.

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Perfect for achieving high selling prices. at a fraction of standard "actioneers costs" we offer a personal Specialised sales agent.

Your watch will be marketed on our international online shop.

Over 58% of our watches are sold outside the UK

CALL NOW: 07443918591 INT 00447443918591