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Universal Geneve Compax Evil Nina Valjoux 72 Chronograph Huguenin Freres 885103

Huguenin Freres Case With "Twisted" Lugs 
Reverse Panda Dial 
Calibre Valjoux 72 
Universal Geneve Ref. 885103/01
  • Full Spec

    "EVIL NINA" 
    Huguenin Freres Case With "Twisted" Lugs 
    Reverse Panda Dial 
    Calibre Valjoux 72 
    Universal Geneve Ref. 885103/01
    1965 UG Advertisement 
    Case material
    Stainless Steel 
    Watchcase type
    Hermetic Screw-down 
    Reverse "Panda" Dial, Black dial White Subsidiary Dials Execution 1 "Stick" sub hands silver stick H& M Blood Red centre sweep seconds 
    Leather Attila Aszodi Custom Made 
    Manual Wind Mechanical 
    Calibre Number Valjoux 72
    17 Jewels
    3 Reg Chronograph 
    A Watch That Should Need No Introduction... 
    But I suppose it's our job to give you one, 
    This is a really rare chronograph, at a time where the collectors market has gone somewhat chronograph crazy its not an easy watch to find... a watch that shows up for sale very infrequently, whether privately or at auction.
    When the watch was originally sold back in the mid-1960s it didn't say "Evil Nina" on the box -- though how cool would that have been? Universal Genève simply called this the "Compax" chronograph and the reference number is 885103/01. It gained the nickname Evil Nina because it's the black-dialled counterpart to a cream-coloured chronograph worn by Finnish model (and Formula 1 widow) Nina Rindt. And it looked better on her than it will look on you. Sorry, we're just being honest.
    The Set 
    A RARE Full Set sale including Watch + Straps x2 + Original Compax Box + Rarest of all original 1969 dated and signed purchse papers / International guaranty. 
    Now thats a once in a lifetime oportunity 
    The Case 
    A stunning Huguenin Freres case with some real trademark features instantly recognisable and perhaps most commonly associated with HF's most famous collaboration- The early 50s & 60s Speedmaster's. We see in this of the era case the same "Twisted" or flared lugs and flat front case bezel type. This case is not all looks tho, that screw affixed case back and the monoblock case design is excellent, by design waterproofing and dust-proofing features perhaps indeed why this dial has survived as well in this last 


    A gents watch that's full-size 36mm in diameter, excluding crown, 39mm inclusive a long 44.5mm lug tip to lug tip and 19mm lug spacing. 
    This vintage sized watch can hold its own in a world of often needlessly oversized watches but the Compax does so with good reason this handsome case houses perhaps one of the most iconic 3 register chronograph calibres the Valjoux 72. 
    The Bezel 
    Instantly recognisable fixed tachymeter bezel. like many other racing tool watches of the era, (think Speedmaster, Daytona etc) 
    Black backdrop with silver-white detail the DoN bezel may be most familiar to Speedmaster collectors. 
    (FullyWound tip of the week?) ...for any of those collectors that may worry about preserving that bezel... a daily wear replacement can be found in the form of a Speedmaster reduced bezel!  
    The Dial
    In any vintage chronograph the "reverse panda" is a desirable look, and in the case of this UG it certainly lives up to its "evil" namesake. There is something exceptionally aggressive masculine and unforgiving about the evil Nina dial. 
    Like many other tool watches of the era the dial was designed to give maximum read clarity at a glance the UG Comnpax EN does this by offering stark contrasting monochromatic blacks on whites and whites on blacks with a dash of racing colour from that centre sweep seconds hand in deep blood red. 
    The Band(s)
    Because great watches deserve great straps:
    2x Custom made Attila Aszodi Watch straps 
    1x French Hide Calf Tan Coloration Cream Stitch and cream lined 
    1x "Raw" Leather Hand Distressed Black with titanium stitch 
    Both Unique and bespoke custom straps RRP £290 each 
    For more see:
    The Movement 
    Powering this watch is the legendary Valjoux 72 movement. It's what ticked inside the Rolex Daytonas and Heuer Carreras of the same era and you'd be hard pressed to find a more respected workhorse of a mid-century chronograph movement.
    Valjoux 72
    manual-wind chronograph, 60s, 30min, 12h, pillar wheel
    sub second
    17 jewels
    f = 18000 A/h
    power reserve 48h
     mobile stud carrier,
    Triovis regulator