Smiths W10 British Military Watch Made In England Navy 6645 Issued Black Dial


"The Last British Watch" 


Smiths W10 

British Forces 

Royal Navy Issued 

Military Tool Watch 




Cal. 60466E Manual-Winding

Hacking Movement 

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    "The Last British Watch" 
    Smiths W10 
    British Forces 
    Royal Navy Issued 
    Military Tool Watch 
    Cal. 60466E Manual-Winding
    Hacking Movement 
    History & About 
    “The last watch made in England”.
    Vintage military watches are one of the most interesting sub-sets of timepiece collecting. For many, they encapsulate the essence of "tool watch" in their most elemental form - if for no other reason than they were built to be issued to sailors, soldiers and airmen and brought into some of the harshest environments possible. Their stark, no-frills designs were universally practical, tough-as-a-brick-shithouse rugged, and a large number of them were actually used for what they were designed for, unlike the vast majority of "desk divers" we more commonly see today.
    Within the range of military-issued timepieces there are a number of sub-genres, including field watches, divers, and aviator's chronographs among others, all worthy of study and admiration in their own right. But there are a few that truly stand out in a crowd, And being fully manufactured in Britain this one most certainly is different!
    Not only is this watch "The Last Watch Manufactured In England" but being 1970 its the last of the last to the year. 
    Smiths was the last surviving British watch company to fully manufacture watches in the UK, and from the 1950s until the company was shuttered in the 70s, Smiths supplied watch to the Ministry of Defense. The W10 aviators watches were issued from the late 60s to 1970, and the Caliber 60466E movement ticking away inside beneath the shielding of an anti-magnetic dust cover is the last serially produced British-made movement.
    This W10 is true survivor pilot’s watch that looks great on the wrist today. With a 35mm case and long lugs, the watch is a joy to wear and has an incredible backstory that you can recount to everyone who spots the Smiths on your wrist.
    Unlike the multitude of "vintage military style" wristwatches available from a growing number of fashion retailers, the Smiths W10 is thereal deal. 
    The Case 
    The Smiths sits at 35mm in diameter (excluding crown) 36.5mm (inclusive) Original Coin edged XL (easy grip) Crown. a long 45.5mm lug tip to lug tip and 18mm lug spacing even by today's standards this is not a small watch and the Smiths is a contemporary sized watch with a large presence on the wrist.
    The case and case back are both in Stainless Steel
    Case back can be clearly seen with deep sharp unpolished inscription (explained) 
    W10 (British Army) /6645 (Royal Navy) /-99 (NATO code for UK)-961-4045 (Specification number "watch")
    1722(unique watch number) /70 (date manufactured 1970)
    The Dial
    Classic Military Dial ALL ORIGINAL Dial 
    With a stunningly clean matte black dial, white Arabic numerals, an encircled T (indicating Tritium lume), 
    What sets this Military Tool Watch W10 apart though is its “Made in England” signed dial. 
    The Band 
    A band synonymous with the military tool watch we are offering a NEW unused NATO strap with black canvas front and Leather detail and back   
    The Movement 
    Made in England 
    Calibre 60466E Manual-Winding Movement.
    A Military Hacking Movement 
    manual wind
    sub second
    17 jewels
    f = 18000 A/h
    power reserve 42h
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