Omega GRAIL Watch 2077-1 Cal. 33.3CHRO 1939

Omega GRAIL Watch 2077-1 Cal. 33.3CHRO 1939

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Omega GRAIL Watch 2077-1 Cal. 33.CHRO Military Chronograph Pilots Vintage 1939
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    Vintage 1938/39 The Ultimate Omega "Grail" Watch

    WWII OMEGA MINUTE RECORDER CHRONOGRAPH 2077-1 the most desirable TWO REGISTER Dial Caliber 33.3CHRO

     First Series

    It is Said that only 14,000 movements were produced in a 20 year production period

    Case Number 2077-1 the (-1) indicating the production run number in this case FIRST Primary run along with the dating of the movement serial (9598196) dating this watch 1938-9


    In Outstanding ALL original Condition, Patina is the name of the game here, and this dial is steeped in history but is all important ALL original it is rare we find such an unadulterated example outside of private collections & horological museums 


    Watch has undergone a thorough inspection to meet our strict standards, and has also been referenced against technical documents and manufacturer records where available to ensure authenticity and a clean history. Furthermore, in April 2013, the watch was sent to and held with Omega's historic department under reference "202680530" for evaluation and to asses it's authenticity.


    History & About

    Omega Chrono Tachymeter

    First Production run 1938- war time production produced in EXTREMELY limited numbers due to the war efforts and limited materials very few examples still exist today. even fewer in all original condition.

    Rare steel Omega cal. 33.3 ref. CK 2077-1, 38mm. Military style step case and Arabic radium numbers/hands, 30 minute counter with 3 minutes indexes for calculating telephone charges, at time billed in 3 minute intervals.


    The Omega cal. 33.3 chronograph series, which is considered to be a forerunner of the Speedmaster, is one of the most sought-after chronographs by Omega. It is said that only 14,000 movements were produced for 20 years.


    During WWII, the watches needed to become more robust and waterproof due to their military application, so the chronograph with round pushers and screw back cases was a must at that time.


    The step case chronographs are a special group of chronographs from the 1940s. The watches from this series are so called because of the shape of the case: the noticeable step between the crystal and the case edge. One characteristic of this watch is that the entire case is made from a single piece of steel, so the watch is less likely to have the water come into the case. That’s why it is called a monoblock case. To seal the connection between crystal and housing, an additional steel plate was manufactured and used.


    A tachymeter scale measures how fast an object is moving. The scale can be found either on the dial or in the bezel. Most tachymeters start at 400 and end at 60, but some models can show different numbers. Its very simple to calculate the speed: just mark a point and push the start button. After the object has moved for one kilometer or mile, push the stop button. The number indicated by the hand shows the speed.



    The Case 

    Full Stainless Steel monobloc case 38.5mm in diameter excluding crown 41.5mm inclusive 45.5mm lug tip to lug tip.  In outstanding condition no evident wear or over polishing this watch just normal surface wear micro scratches from normal use no heavy damage or indentations wonderfully the case HAS not been Over Polished and retains an ALL ORIGINAL FINISH (thank god) Fully signed case back inner original Crrown & Pushers


    The Dial

    Patina is the name of the game here,  A naturally aged Patinated dial now a silvered Ivory cream tone. Black superbly crisp detailing on the outer tachymetric scale dark red for the inner telemetre scale Continuous seconds at 9, 30 min counter at 6 Original Silver minute and hour hand and jet black chronograph seconds and subsidiary hands.

     Though the dial is aged and some of the lettering has been worn by time this is one of if not the finest example we have ever seen let alone sold and it is again we say, 

     importantly all original condition dial displaying beautiful money can't buy natural age patina. But again importantly all original so often we see these classic vintage watches repainted redialed restored and frankly ruined. collectors will look for natural age patina above a restored and redialed watch of this period So leave that dial alone! a watches dial is its story its age its history and to repaint this frankly absurd.



    With thanks to "Hirsch" for having helped date the strap 

    Genuine Elephant hide EXOTIC Skin (produced no later than 1949) a true period to the watch piece in Cognac Tan coloration fitted with GENUINE Omega Period 1940s stainless steel logo buckle. 

    A strap thats rarity matches and complements a watch of this magnitude


    The Movement 

    Movement again will be fully serviced cleaned oiled regulated and timed prior to sale and a 12 month mechanical warranty granted to the buyer 

    FURTHERMORE the watch prior to shipment will be FULLY serviced cleaned oiled tested regulated and timed AND will come with a 12 MONTH mechanical warranty


    Serial no: 9598196 

    Based on Lemania 15 CHT, introduced in 1931. In Omega version with compensating balance and Breguet hairspring.


    Data: Omega 33.3 CHRO


    17 jewels, manual wind chronograph, 60 s, 30 min counter.

    Size: 33,30 mm.

    H: = 6,45 mm.

    N: = 18000 A/h.

    Power reserve: 44 h.