OMEGA 20mm Used GOOD Condition GENUINE 1504/826 Seamaster Chronograph Strap


 A 20mm  Genuine OMEGA Watchstrap


Watch Strap For OMEGA Seamster Professional 

GENUINE OMEGA (not looks like goes with or suits these are GENUINE Omega Stock) 

GOOD used Condition LONG 17cm (remember to add your watch length when measuring!) 

20mm at lug 

17cm Watch strap (dont forget to add your watch when measuring!) 

Should fit anything up to a circa 20-21cm wrist 

All Brushed & Polished Links 

With Locking & wetsuit Extension Clasp 


Straps of the highest quality the quality we would expect from renowned Swiss luxury watch manufacturer. 


(if you require shorter or longer please ask and we MAY be able to accommodate)

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