ETERNA Jumbo 18ct Rose Gold Watch 1116H NOS Condition

ETERNA Jumbo 18ct Rose Gold Watch 1116H NOS Condition

ETERNA Jumbo 18ct Rose Gold Watch 1116H NOS Condition Vintage 1955 Teardrop Lug
  • Description

    Vintage Circa 1955 

    ETERNA 18ct Solid Deep Red Rose Gold "Fancy" Teardrop Lugs JUMBO Case

     Caliber Eterna 1116H Hand finished Hand bevelled movement. 

    and this prestigious piece in in grade 0 MINT condition Unworn

    Movement Serviced 2016


    A watch we are happy to call (a word often thrown around liberally on ebay) RARE we have never seen one before and it is likely we will not see another least of all in such outstanding and all original condition. 


    (remember we are using a macro lens so any and all imperfections are massively amplified above and beyond what you could see with the naked eye)


    The Case 

    Large For a watch of its age at a full 36.5mm (excluding crown) 38.5mm (inclusive) Original 18ct solid rose gold crown unsigned as is correct of its period. 

    there is a lot to rave about in this case, Least of all its solidity and sheer gold weight this is by no means "flimsy" gold watch No expenses spared on this ALL Swiss cast in deep rose gold.

     The case has a dual casing "modular" design allowing the movement & dial to be lifted easily from the outer case by the stem, this inner case too is unusually also cast in 18ct solid gold. 

    One of the most striking features of this watches exterior case is those thick solid "stepped" teardrop lugs. 


    It is clear that if this watch was indeed ever worn it was done so by the most careful of owners, there is no evidence of damage, no scratches, and it is clear the watch has never been over polished and retains crisp and clear contoured edges throughout.  


    The Dial

     This is a subtle tone satin silver brushed dial featuring applied mirror finish gold indexes and delicate but bold crisp black detail, similarly matched Rose Gold hour and minute hands. 

    Simply a classic clean and crisp Swiss minimalism efficiency and understated luxury a dial acclaimed for purity of design.

    One of the most perfect dials we have seen on a dress watch, maybe ever. 



    A quality but aftermarket Italian genuine leather Brown "Naked" leather strap *Nubuck Lined Back & match rose gold buckle

     (cowhide leather that has been rubbed on the outer side of the hide to give it a feel like that of suede.)


    The Movement 

    Eterna 1116H


    Base Plate like ETA 1100 and similar specifications, But finished to outstanding precision, It appears (most evidently) Under a 40x Loupe that the movement has been hand finished, Hand bevelled which is a rarity, especially in today's horological world of corner cutting & mass production techniques. Now almost Solely it would seem now a techinque left to grace only the most High end watch market. 




    manual wind

    sweep second

    17 jewels

    f = 18000 A/h

    power reserve 44h



    12''', Dm= 26.6mm, Do= 27.0mm

    H= 4.6mm

    F= 1.7mm

    T= 2.4mm


    Balance staff U2191

    Stem W2482

    Mainspring 1.50 x 10.5 x 0.12mm

    Hands 1.50 x 0.90 x 0.20mm