Breitling YACHTING 7651 Chronomatic Vintage Pilots Chronograph Cal 11 Navitimer

Vintage Superb Condition 
Rare Early 
Buren, Breitling and Heuer
module Dubois-Depraz 8510 on modified Buren 1281
  • Full Spec

    Vintage Superb Condition 
    Rare Early 
    Buren, Breitling and Heuer
    module Dubois-Depraz 8510 on modified Buren 1281
    The Case 
    A Real Iconic Navitimer Chronomatic Case 
    A Chunky 48mm diameter excluding crown and pushers 51mm inclusive 48mm lug to lug and 22mm lug spacing by no means a small watch but still reasonably slim at 15.5mm 
    Original case crown pushers etc the full lot 
    The Bezel 
    Again classic and ingenious bezel calculator slide system 
    Internal rotating bezel 
    External bezel grip 
    The Dial
    And now for something a little different! 
    What sets the YACHTING aside is that superb Exploding colours tritium dial 
    Like any other tool watch the dial of course is designed to give maximum read clarity at a glance and in classic tool watch form this Breitling 7651 dial does this with the stark contrast of those tritium numerals and vivid orange hands on that stark matte black dial 
    Reverse Panda silver white sub-dials and outer slide rule scale 
    Date aperture at 6.
    Of course being the YACHTING 
    ... Blamo! Reds Blues Oranges... breack the otherwise mono-chromed dial 
    Additionally the 9 position counter is now a 15 min counter as opposed to the more standard 30 or 45 min chromatics 
    Again Dial is ALL ORIGINAL not a touch of lume a hand replaced again ALL ORIGINAL  
    The Band 
    As original as the rest of the watch and so is the strap, Original Steel watch strap with BREITLING deployment type strap 
    The Movement 
    The Caliber 11
    Arguably one the first automatic chronograph movements 
    Project 99 resulted in the development of the Caliber 11 movement (referred to, with its successor models, as the “Chronomatic” movement). The Caliber 11 movement employed modular construction, mating Buren’s micro-rotor powered watch movement with a chronograph module developed by Dubois Depraz. Watches powered by the Chronomatic movements are easily recognized – the crown is on the left side of the watch, with the pushers in the usual positions on the right side. The Caliber 11 has its hour recorder at nine o’clock, its minute recorder at three o’clock, and a date window at six o’clock, with no running seconds register. 
    The Caliber 11 movement uses 17 jewels and Incabloc shock-protection. The movement measures 13.75 ligne, with a diameter of 31mm and a height of 7.7mm. The frequency was 19,800 vibrations per hour, with a power reserve of 42 hours. In the Caliber 12 movement, the frequency was changed to 21,600 vibrations per hour; the Caliber 15 movement used a KIF shock protection system. 
    joint development of Hamilton-Buren, Breitling and Heuer
    module Dubois-Depraz 8510 on Buren 1281
    crown at 9h
    micro rotor
    double excenter regulator for curb pins and stud carrier
    automatic chronograph, 60s, 30min, 12h, cam switched
    date: set by changing 21-24h
    17 jewels
    f = 21600 A/h
    power reserve 42h
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