A Rare German Military DH LONGINES Calibre 12.68z Sei Tacche Stepped Bezel

A Rare German Military 
Calibre 1268z
Sei Tacche Stepped Bezel 
Waterproof Watch 
The Original Longines Gloss "Gilt" Silver Black Dial 
NAZI Dienstuhr Heer - Military service Issued WristWatch
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    A Rare German Military 
    Calibre 1268z
    Sei Tacche Stepped Bezel 
    Waterproof Watch 
    The Original Longines Gloss "Gilt" Silver Black Dial 
    NAZI Dienstuhr Heer - Military service Issued WristWatch
    With a reported only 3000 Longines watches being issued to the German military in 1942 the Longines was the first of the DH issued watches finding ANY DH german Longines military  watch is  a tall task Finding an all Original example like this will be  once in a lifetime opportunity for any Longines or military collector
    (Note also matching case back and lug numeral markings) 
    (3506 - 3506)
    Dienstuhr Heer is the official designation for the watch (wrist and pocket) used by the German army in times of Nazism.
    Their Military watch specifications were stringent and almost pan Army (Wehrmacht) with only a few exceptions, whether it was army (Heer) navy (Kriegsmarine) Or Air Force (Luftwaffe) 
    All Watches Were Specified Black Dials with luminescence (at the time Radium) Screw Down case backs and for wrist watches where possible Screw-down crowns (and from the resulting increased resistance to moisture)
     As well as, Being Antimagnetic and offering Extreme anti-shock protection and this is unusual for the era. Antichoc Protection, As we see in this wristwatch with early "Shock-Resist" shock protection
    Which is not unique but very uncommon for the late 30's and early 40's
    The German military was unique however in seeing the importance and explicitly asking for watch movements that incorporated with antishock systems. 
    Now we are all perhaps more familiar with the Longines issued a little later to the British military. 
    The more common "Greenlander" Or Longines WWW of which only 8000 produced. The DH military, however, predates the W.W.W. by roughly 4 years being issued to the German military Circa 1942 and was the FIRST of the DH issued watches with a mere 3000 reported issued watches 
    Taking a look at the Longines Greenlander, we note that the same Longines 12.68z movements and quite importantly the "shock-resist" shock-protection system. 
    The business-savvy Swiss, you see, were neutral during WWII and of course fulfilled military contracts for both allied and Nazi forces. 
    This, widely regarded as the reason the Longines 12.68z is the ONLY watch of the "Dirty Dozen" lineup to use and antishock system. An unusual case of the British military being aided (albeit unwittingly) by German efficiency and horological savvy
    A Very early Monoblock waterproof case with superb classic military longines Stepped Bezel 
    It is a watch nicknamed the "Sei Tacche" (Italian for "six notch"), meaning that it has three milled notches in the screw down case back. They were among the first, if not the first, watches in which the case back screwed onto the case in order to help increase water resistance and keep dust and moisture out of the watch. They were particularly targeted toward military personnel and those that would need tough watches for their jobs. The Tre Tacche watches also have fantastic stepped bezels and great cases.
    With a 33mm diameter and 36mm inclusive 41mm lug tip to lug tip and a suitably chunky 11mm tall with 17mm lug spacing. 
    A classically sized watch but like many other watches of the period this military watch "Wears big" and has a demanding presence on the wrist. 
    The Crown is ORIGINAL and the case is in SUPERB condition clear crisp military markings and longines serial numbering. 
    Very sharp defined stepped "Bezel" 
    The Original GLOSSY Dial. So this watch has a "First" of many things the screw down watertight case back the standardised shock protection system and perhaps the watches most striking feature is the OUTSTANDING gloss black dial.
     Not gilt in this case as is perhaps more commonly seen, but Silver. 
    This dial is ALL ORIGINAL and in excellent condition. the numerals still heavily pasted with radium lume
    Track seconds on the perimeter again in crisp silver detail as is the Longines Name only Logo and the subsidiary dial at 6 
    The hands are original to the watch again fat "Pencil" hands that like the dial would have been heavily inset with radium lume. 
    Longines 12.68Z
     ALL ORIGINAL and correct 12.68z with the aforementioned early standardisation of the "Shock-Resist" system as more commonly found in the Longines W.W.W. watches. 
    manual wind
    sub second
    15 jewels
    f = 18000 A/h
    power reserve 40h
    THE Strap 
    The strap issued with the watch is a Rare Period Austrian made HIRSCH watch strap in Antelope hide leather a well suited open ended strap ideal to complete this watches Military look. 


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